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  • ESN Groningen Blog. ESN Groningen is a student organisation which is part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN Groningen is focused on the motto “students helping students” and

    • Five insights about the student life for new students in Groningen
      To start off, the first day is always overwhelming. I still remember that I felt extremely excited but yet scared when I was on my way to get the most important thing on an early morning; coffee. Unlike most of you, I’m not a new student in Groningen. So, ... read more
      Published on 2019-09-18By esngroningen-blog
    • Dutch treats
      Just like every country, the Netherlands has its specific treats some of which are weird, unique only for the Dutch but nevertheless delicious! Most of these you have tried after one of the night outs cause they can be found in, yeah you guessed it, a *vending machine*!! Deep fried ... read more
      Published on 2018-12-05By esngroningen-blog
    • Making the most of the last month of 2018
      At the beginning of the year we all write down our resolutions, (copy-pasting the same ones every year), hoping the year ahead would change and inspire us to work on our goals more. And when December knocks on our doors, the thought that comes to everyone’s mind is probably something ... read more
      Published on 2018-11-27By esngroningen-blog
    • How is Christmas celebrated around the world?
      It’s that most beautiful time of the year! Lights are on around town, exams are over for now, the weather is cold and crisp and holidays are just around the corner. The majority of people around the world celebrate Christmas, a Christian holiday on the 25th of December (Catholic) and ... read more
      Published on 2018-11-20By esngroningen-blog
    • Dating The Dutch – or how to survive a Dutch lover
      Tall and blond… This is what comes to mind first if you think about the Dutch. But there is much more than what meets the eye. Dutch man and woman consider each other as equals This means equal in all parts of life – girls don’t expect your dates ... read more
      Published on 2018-10-22By esngroningen-blog
    • Best Asian food picks
        This week we are turning the globe all the way to Asia! Asia being rich with its beautiful nature, kind people and culture, has all of its secrets bundled up in its delicious cuisine. Now, whether you are out of fresh ideas and love to cook or you enjoy ... read more
      Published on 2018-10-08By esngroningen-blog
    • Five places for the perfect Friday night in Groningen
      Hey guys! We know it’s been a while, but the ESN Groningen Blog is back, up and running! As before, here you will be able to read about Groningen and what it has to offer, the events happening weekly, places you must visit, the delicious recipes from our international dinner ... read more
      Published on 2018-10-01By esngroningen-blog
    • Achieving your New Year’s Resolutions in Groningen  
        It’s been about 2 months since the New Year’s Eve, time flies by so quickly. Many people around this time of the year tend to forget about the so called “New year’s resolutions” Every December I tell myself, this year I will be healthy, I will start studying, I ... read more
      Published on 2018-03-06By esngroningen-blog
    • 4 questions answered about the Eierbal
      Frikandellen, kroketten and bitterballen: just a few examples of typical Dutch snacks. You can get them in several places in Groningen and probably remind you of something you find back home. However, there is one snack in Groningen that will probably surprise you the most: an eierbal (egg ball). It ... read more
      Published on 2018-02-27By esngroningen-blog
    • The 5 types of roommates you will meet in every student house
      Student life is that awkward stage of life that transitions childhood to adulthood. Starting university will bring you a life full of surprises. Of course, one of the primordial things to do is finding a place to stay and survive for the next 3 to 5 years. In many cases ... read more
      Published on 2018-02-20By esngroningen-blog

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