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  • ESN Groningen Blog. ESN Groningen is a student organisation which is part of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). ESN Groningen is focused on the motto “students helping students” and

    • Dutch treats
      Just like every country, the Netherlands has its specific treats some of which are weird, unique only for the Dutch but nevertheless delicious! Most of these you have tried after one of the night outs ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-12-05By esngroningen-blog
    • Making the most of the last month of 2018
      At the beginning of the year we all write down our resolutions, (copy-pasting the same ones every year), hoping the year ahead would change and inspire us to work on our goals more. And when ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-11-27By esngroningen-blog
    • How is Christmas celebrated around the world?
      It’s that most beautiful time of the year! Lights are on around town, exams are over for now, the weather is cold and crisp and holidays are just around the corner. The majority of people ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-11-20By esngroningen-blog
    • Things I wish I knew before starting uni
        Starting university is for most of us a really big change and a start of a new chapter. Especially if you are seeking to study abroad, there are so many expectations. Growing up on ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-11-12By esngroningen-blog
    • Best ways to unwind
      Exam period is just around the corner, and not only do we have to live in the library, but the stress, sleep deprivation and work overload can get overwhelming on so many levels. So, when ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-10-30By esngroningen-blog
    • Dating The Dutch – or how to survive a Dutch lover
      Tall and blond… This is what comes to mind first if you think about the Dutch. But there is much more than what meets the eye. Dutch man and woman consider each other as equals ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-10-22By esngroningen-blog
    • Five ways to stay active in Uni
      Ahh, we know. Being a student is a full time job. Being constantly busy and stressed is no fun and on top of that working out is the last thing on the agenda. But, staying ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-10-15By esngroningen-blog
    • Best Asian food picks
        This week we are turning the globe all the way to Asia! Asia being rich with its beautiful nature, kind people and culture, has all of its secrets bundled up in its delicious cuisine. ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-10-08By esngroningen-blog
    • Five places for the perfect Friday night in Groningen
      Hey guys! We know it’s been a while, but the ESN Groningen Blog is back, up and running! As before, here you will be able to read about Groningen and what it has to offer, ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-10-01By esngroningen-blog
    • The committees of ESN
      Maybe you’re thinking about applying for an ESN committee, but aren’t sure about what to pick yet. To help your decision we’ve put together description of the committees, written by committee members themselves to give ... Lees verder
      Published on 2018-05-14By prcommittee20172018

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