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  • Tools and insights to facilitate an emotional evolution. Ancient knowledge merges with science and leads to the best exercises and tools you can start using today!

    • Anger as a secondary emotion
      This blog was posted on March 14, 2019 under its original title: How to crumble your anger in seconds, on If you have been struggling with your anger for years you might think crumbling your anger in seconds is utterly impossible. It is possible but there is a hurdle ... read more
      Published on 2019-03-21By Stefania Pönitz
    • The Big Emotion Blog
      Let's break down emotional processing so you can take the first step towards an emotionally stable life today!In this blog:Step 1. Being open to.....The digestive metaphorInside step 1. What is behind the technique?That sounds easy enough so why do people have such a hard time with emotions?What happens to suppressed ... read more
      Published on 2018-08-25By Stefania Pönitz
    • Comforting Darkness
      Previously published by Harness Magazine, May 21, 2017 www.harnessmagazine.comStatements made by Dutch mental health care professionals while I was looking for help dealing with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:While I was attempting to be committed to a psych ward: You are trying to manipulate the system. You just want free ... read more
      Published on 2018-08-24By Stefania Pönitz

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